philosophyLe domaine

Our estate produces wines that are typical and representative of their terroir. We practice integrated viticulture with careful monitoring, favoring methodical plowing that preserves the micro-organic richness of the soil. Harvesting is entirely manual, followed by meticulous sorting of the grapes to guarantee optimum quality. We also hold the HVE1 label, testing to our commitment to biodiversity and respect for the terroir. Our regional grape varieties are grown according to the principles of sustainable agriculture. Vinification is carried out in a low-interventionist way to allow all their aromas to express themselves naturally.


in the vineyardsMethod

Since 1989, we have cherished our vines by adopting environmentally-friendly practices. Our choice not to weed the plots encourages the root system to plunge deep down, providing the vines with the minerals and moisture essential for them to flourish. In harmony with prophylactic measures, we use no anti-rot treatments, while carefully managing yields and practicing disbudding, tying-up, leaf-thinning and green harvesting. Our careful approach includes leaf-thinning on the sunrise side to promote optimal ripening of the bunches and better aeration of the stems. We also take care to carry out bracing, which untangles the branches of the vine, promoting air circulation, preventing contamination and improving the effectiveness of treatments. Tasks such as aximage and trimming are carried out manually to reduce soil compaction. Since 2020,


new vintageHarvesting

Grape harvesting is carefully decided according to the sugar, acidity and pH levels of the berries. We closely monitor the evolution of the bunches according to weather conditions, in order to strategically determine the optimal moment for harvesting. Harvesting is carried out by hand, followed by a rigorous selection of bunches on the estate. The grapes are 100% destemmed, allowing the fruit to express itself during the vinification process and ensuring gentle extraction of the tannins.


in the cellarVinification & ageing

We age our wines in oak barrels for 12 to 18 months, respecting the specific characteristics of each cru. At the domaine, we use between 10 and 15% new barrels for regional wines. For village wines and premier crus, we opt for 20-30% new barrels, while grand crus benefit from 50% new barrels. Village, Premier Cru and Grand Cru wines are vinified in wooden containers, while the rest are vinified in stainless steel tanks. We use specialized equipment to control temperatures during vinification. Our aim is to produce wines with supple tannins, finesse and elegance, highlighting the magnificent fruitiness representative of the Chambolle terroir. We do not introduce any external yeasts, preferring only indigenous yeasts for fermentation.